About Twita


Tea in a cup is a unique concept of packing the fresh organic green tea inside the cup with an infusion layer. All you have to do is just pour hot water to the required level and leave it for couple of minutes for the tea to infuse in the hot water. That’s all, it is ready to drink. The infusion layer acts as a filter, and seals the tea leaves dust at the bottom of the cup, so that it does not float and pass to your mouth along with the tea. It is almost similar to using a tea bag / tea sachet (dip tea), but without the inconvenience of handling a sachet, dip-dip-dipping it, and disposing it.

In fact the cup can used at least couple of times with in a short gap of time, say you can brew it twice with a single cup


Ten cups packed in a airtight re-usable PET jar to keep the aroma and taste intact. This also makes it easy to carry wherever you go.


“Twita” is a magical brand name for our complete product range. Easy to remember and recall . The range of products we introduce will always have something in unique. That uniqueness will make you to say “This is what I talk about” and that is “TWITA”

The bee is known for its briskness and energetic work. Twita organic green tea make you fresh and energetic like a bee.